The early Raymonds

I continued with my research as I was very interested to find out more about William and Sarah Raymond

William was born the illegitimate son of Nathaniel Raymond and Judith Lingard in Roxwell, Essex in 1764 and his full name was William Raymond alias Lingard. By 1793 he was living in Aldgate and in that year married Sarah Smith of Maldon (daughter of Thomas, a currier, and Hannah Smith).

They came to live in Maldon and for a couple of years rented a property at the top of High Street. In 1796 they bought Crackbones and established their butchers shop. They had 14 children, of whom three sons became butchers.

William died in 1812 leaving Sarah and their children to continue the business. Following Sarah’s death in 1826 Crackbones was sold. William and Sarah are buried in All Saints Churchyard in a Grade 11 listed tomb. The three sons who were butchers continued in other shops in Maldon for many years.

Ownership of Crackbones eventually came back into the Raymond family through Leonard and Albert Ansell’s employment of Sidney Raymond in the 1930’s who went on to buy the business with his son Derek.

My ‘detective’ work then took me back to the birth of William Raymond in Roxwell.

After all the discoveries and coincidences of my work up to that time I was astonished to find that William was descended from five generations all with the same name of Nathaniel Raymond and they had all been butchers in Roxwell and Pleshey, Essex as far back as 1640.

This shows that 10 of the 12 generations of Raymonds so far discovered are butchers!

I hope you have enjoyed reading this brief outline about 5High Street Maldon/Crackbones and the Raymond family. If you would like any further details of our history or if you can add any more information I would be very pleased to hear from you.

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